Just a note to say that Ozzy, our beautiful green wing macaw, has really changed our lives! We love him and if we ever decide to get another we will be back to you.

- G and A

I don't know how you do it, but your birds are head-and-shoulders above others that we have seen. Jaco (Blue and Gold macaw) is a delight. Thank you!

- Jo and David

Thank you, my African Grey is great! I’m calling him Earl (Grey). Get it?!

- Belinda

We are very pleased with Rosie, our Moluccan cockatoo. After 5 years, we can't imagine life without her. We will never forget our visits to see you and your beautiful baby parrots, it was so hard to choose but we’re glad we chose Rosie!

- B and D

Hey Barrett, just to let you know that the greenwings are absolutely stunning, we are more than happy, so thank you very much!

- TM, Northern Ireland